head1 [ hed ] noun ***
▸ 1 top part of body
▸ 2 your mind and thoughts
▸ 3 leader of group
▸ 4 top/front part of something
▸ 5 white bubbles on beer
▸ 6 where river begins
▸ 7 top of drum
▸ 8 center of spot on skin
▸ 9 for counting animals
▸ 10 side of a coin
1. ) count the top part of your body that has your brain, eyes, mouth, etc. in it:
a bruise on the side of her head
shake your head (=move it from side to side): She shook her head sadly.
nod your head (=move it up and down): Ron nodded his head but said nothing.
hang/bow your head (=hold it downward): Mike hung his head in shame.
2. ) count your mind and thoughts:
A thought suddenly came into my head.
I don't want to put any ideas into your head.
in/inside your head: He added the numbers quickly in his head.
She did not speak the words, but she repeated them inside her head.
3. ) count the leader or most important person in a group:
The ceremony was attended by the heads of government from eleven countries.
a ) only before noun used for describing the most important person in a particular organization, group, etc.:
the head waiter
b ) BRITISH the PRINCIPAL of a school
4. ) count the top or front part of something:
head of: We walked straight to the head of the line.
a ) the end of a bed where you put your head
b ) the end of a table where the most important person sits
c ) the top part of a long thin object such as a nail, that is a different shape from or wider than the rest of it
5. ) uncount the white BUBBLES on the top of a glass of beer
6. ) count the beginning of a river, where the water comes from
7. ) count the top of a drum
8. ) count the white center of a PIMPLE on your skin
9. ) plural used as a way of counting farm animals:
300 head of cattle
10. ) heads plural the side of a coin that has a picture of a head on it. The other side is tails:
I'll toss a coin, you call heads or tails.
a/per head
for each person:
The meal cost $20 per head.
be/get in over your head
to be or become involved in a situation in which you do not have the necessary skills, knowledge, or money to succeed
be off your head BRITISH INFORMAL
to be crazy
be out of your head INFORMAL
to be unable to think clearly, especially because of having taken drugs
cannot make head(s) nor/or tail(s) of something INFORMAL
used for saying that you cannot understand something at all
a clear/cool head
the ability to think quickly and calmly in a difficult situation:
If you want to get out of here, you'll have to keep a cool head.
come/bring something to a head INFORMAL
if a situation comes to a head or you bring it to a head, it suddenly becomes worse:
Everything came to a head last week when two of the teachers resigned.
do someone's head in BRITISH INFORMAL
to be more annoying, difficult, boring, etc. than you can deal with
from head to toe
used for emphasizing that you mean all of someone's body:
They were covered in mud from head to toe.
get/build/work up a head of steam
to start to become active and successful:
This week the campaign finally started building up a head of steam.
get it into/through your head (that) INFORMAL
to understand and accept something:
Why can't you get it into your head that we're just friends?
get something into your head INFORMAL
to decide to do something, and be determined to do it even if other people do not like it
get someone/something out of your head INFORMAL
to stop thinking about someone or something:
I can't get the pictures of those starving children out of my head.
get your head around something BRITISH INFORMAL
to understand and accept something that seems strange
give someone head VERY INFORMAL
to use your mouth and tongue on someone's sex organs to give them pleasure
go over someone's head
to go to a more important or powerful person in order to get what you want:
I was furious that he went over my head and complained to my manager.
go over your head
if something goes over your head, you cannot understand it:
A lot of what was said in the meeting went right over my head.
go to your head INFORMAL
1. ) if success goes to your head, it makes you think that you are better or more important than you really are
2. ) if an alcoholic drink goes to your head, it makes you drunk
have a big head INFORMAL
to believe that you are very intelligent, important, etc.
have a (good) head for numbers/figures/business etc.
to be good at doing calculations with numbers/at doing things relating to business, etc.
have a good head on your shoulders INFORMAL
to be intelligent and able to make good decisions
have your head in the clouds INFORMAL
to be thinking your own thoughts and not concentrating on what is happening around you
have your head (screwed) on straight INFORMAL
to be able to make sensible decisions
head and shoulders above the rest/others INFORMAL
much better than all the others
head of hair
all the hair on your head, especially when it is thick:
He still has a good head of hair.
head over heels
1. ) if you fall head over heels, you fall so that your head goes down and your feet go up in the air
2. ) if you are or fall head over heels in love with someone, you love or start to love them very much:
We met in 1998, and fell head over heels in love.
heads up AMERICAN
used for telling someone to pay attention
heads will roll INFORMAL
used for saying that people will be severely punished for something, often by losing their jobs
keep your head above water INFORMAL
to manage to live or keep a business working even though you are not earning much money
knock (someone's) heads together INFORMAL
to speak angrily to people so that they will stop arguing
laugh/shout/scream your head off INFORMAL
to laugh, shout, etc. very loudly
like banging/hitting your head against a brick wall
used for describing an annoying situation in which nothing you do seems to produce any results
need your head examined INFORMAL
to seem to be crazy or to be doing stupid things:
He needs his head examined, paying that much money for an old wreck of a car.
on your (own) head SPOKEN
used for warning someone that if they do something, they will have to take responsibility for it and suffer the results of it
put something out of your head INFORMAL
to stop worrying about something
put your heads together
to think about a problem, or plan something, together with other people
stand/turn something on its head INFORMAL
to make someone think in a completely new way about something:
Einstein's theories stood the mathematical world on its head.
head 2 [ hed ] verb ***
▸ 1 go in particular direction
▸ 2 be in control of group
▸ 3 be first in a list/line
▸ 4 put title at top
▸ 5 hit ball with head
1. ) intransitive to go in a particular direction:
head for/toward/through etc.: We decided to head for home.
She was headed toward the library.
head north/south/east/west: They headed north, across the desert.
be headed: Where are you headed?
2. ) head or head up transitive to be in control of a group or an organization:
Detective Tim Reynolds will head the investigation.
You will work with the management team headed up by Mary Broughton.
3. ) transitive to be at the top of a list:
Which city heads the list of the most popular tourist destinations?
a ) to be at the front of a line of people:
The mayor will head the procession through the downtown area.
4. ) transitive usually passive to put a title at the top of a piece of writing:
The information sheet was headed Medical Insurance.
5. ) transitive to hit the ball with your head in the game of soccer
be heading/headed for something
if you are heading or headed for something, it is likely to happen to you soon:
It appears that the rebels are heading for victory.
I think Sam's headed for a nervous breakdown.
,head `off phrasal verb
1. ) transitive to prevent something from taking place:
The police acted quickly and managed to head off a violent confrontation.
2. ) intransitive INFORMAL to leave:
We should be heading off soon.
3. ) transitive to prevent someone from going somewhere by getting in front of them:
Let's try and head them off before they cross the bridge.
,head `up phrasal verb transitive
same as HEAD 2 2:
A woman was chosen to head up the department.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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